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Frequently Asked Questions

What clothing should I bring/wear for the headshot session?

Bring 2 or 3 different tops with different necklines to give you some range in terms of mood/character. Solid, block colours, light and dark, are usually best - the focus of a headshot should always be on your face so you don´t want any busy patterns or logos distracting the viewer. Most importantly, bring clothes that you are comfortable wearing. Men bring t-shirts and shirt with collar

What should I do with my hair and makeup?

Girls  - You should arrive wearing the kind of make-up you would normally wear to a casting. Generally I would recommend that you keep it clean and simple - natural is usually best! Remember to bring a hairbrush and your make-up with you in case you want to touch it up during the shoot. Also include powder in your make up kit.

Should I bring my existing headshots to show you?

If you have  had earlier headshots done, yes, that can be a good idea. 

Where is the studio?

At 117 All Saints Street (TN343BG) in Hastings Old Town. That’s half way down on the right as you travel towards the sea. There is resident’s parking only in All Saints  Street but there is parking in The Bourne, the road parallel to All Saints. If you have any difficulty, if you can, find a space on All Saints Street and I can let you have a Visitor’s Parking permit.

Can I bring a friend or partner to the headshot session?

Certainly, parents, friends etc are very welcome. 

How long does the session take?

Usually around an hour,  (plus time to review pictures) sometimes a bit longer. I don´t usually book sessions back to back after each other - I think it´s important we don´t feel pressured by time.

Do you take the headshots in colour or black and white?

I shoot in colour , however, thanks to digital technology I can  convert colour photos into high quality black and white images. At present Spotlight and most agents use black and white photographs but the trend  is switching towards colour.

Do you shoot in daylight or in a studio?

I take pictures in the studio under lights and if practicable also in natural light outside.

When will I get my headshots?

After the session within 48 hours I will put all the pictures on a web gallery for you to look at, at your leisure. After you have selected your 5 shots, they will be retouched and delivered by email within a few days There are guidelines here re Spotlight photographs. (

Do you provide headshot prints?

I provide the high resolution images via email or on a CD, or my Google drive, so you have a choice which photo lab you want to use. I will happily supply prints, but its quite good to shop around as prices vary. I charge £7 (5x7) £8 (10x8) these will be high quality  prints on glossy photo paper.

Companies like Visualeyes ( specialise in producing high quality headshot prints for actors and performers.

Can you make my skin look flawless, change the size of my ears, or give me a facelift?

Yes, in a word, on the computer one can do all kinds of whizzy and amazing things, but the single most important thing about an actors headshot is that it must look like you. The retouching work I do do will subtly enhances your features to create a more striking portrait, while ensuring that the characteristics which make up your visual identity aren´t compromised. This results in a great headshot which looks like you at your best and compares favourably to how you will look walking in the door at an audition or casting session.

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